Mac Users Finally Get Skype With Video

July 25th, 2006 | by Mike |

Nothing better than a geeky company challenging other geeks to be “brave” and try their new pre-beta (isn’t that called alpha?) software. Today Skype called out the manliness of all OS X users by challenging us to be “brave” and try their new Skype with Video preview. Unless, you are a little pussy that doesn’t want video? Frankly though, if thats the case, please turn in your nerd glasses and your penis and step away from the computer.

I’m answered the challenge already by downloading it and signing in. However, since I don’t have a super-cool MacBook yet I don’t have a camera to test it on right now. I’m hearing good things though and plan to give it a whirl when I get home tonight. If you want to look me up tonight so we can get in our convertible, hold hands and drive off the cliff together into the scary abyss that is “preview technology” you can find me on skype as “mikehyb” Until then, be careful out there. The world of Alpha software is a scary place.

Link: Video has arrived — If you’re brave!

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