Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #24

August 4th, 2006 | by Mike |

Wait didn’t we just see Christina Aguilera two weeks ago? Yes. Yes you did. Let me tell you a secret about that: Shut up. Let me tell you something else: I might be in love with Christina. This chick never looks frumpy. She is always hot. Of course she looks hot going out, but she also brings her a-game for daily things. I feel like if you threw Christina in a room full of decaying zombies crapping on each other while mountains of Bugles was pouring from the ceiling (What? I just think Bugles are gross.) somehow the blood, guts, poop and Bugles would magically form into an amazingly hot outfit on Christina’s body and then she would look down and a tube of red lipstick would appear there like the heaven’s aligned for her to always look hot. Of course after this divine moment in sexiness Christina would leave and take home one of the shit covered zombies because she mistook him for her husband. Don’t get me wrong, I look up to the guy because he landed Christina but seriously the guy’s kinda ugly. I’m sure he would cop to it if you asked him…and then would set his drink down and slowly look of his shoulder to see Christina bending over in some short skirt while she loads a case of condoms in to their car and then he turns back, smiles and walks off. Its almost as though he didn’t see you poison his water…

Anyway its just nice to see a celebrity that realizes that a camera is on her at all times and she wants to look hot. Mission accomplished. Maybe she should let Britney know.

Here’s Christina’s recent GQ (UK) spread. One here, two more after the jump.

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