Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #26

August 18th, 2006 | by Mike |

Yes, this week it is Heidi Klum. If we were some hacky cliche wannabe funny website I would write a paragraph about how amazingly hot Heidi is and how ugly Seal, her husband, is. I’m not going to do that though. If you ask me, it no secret why chicks like Heidi fall for guys like Seal: Guys that can sing get laid. Thats it. There are no exceptions. Thats just how it works. Now, I do mean actual singing. I don’t mean singing in the sense of Disturbed, who I love and who get plenty of broads themselves I imagine, but none like Heidi. They get chicks like this, not like this:

You have to really be able to sing and sing about sappy stuff like kissing roses on a grave and then one day BAM!, you wake up and realize that you just knocked up the woman pictured above for the second time. You spring out of bed and decide to go for a walk. As you are walking, people start to notice you… “Hey Seal! Your music sucks!” you reply, “Really? Have you seen my wife?” “Hey Seal! Whats up with that crap on your face!?” “No sure what you are talking about…guess I’ve never noticed it seeing I’m always so busy banging Heidi Klum!” Its at that point you realize you have found the answer to anything. You stop in at Starbucks, get a coffee and begin to walk out. “Hey Seal! You didn’t pay for that coffee!” “Yeah, well I’m doing Heidi Klum.” [long pause] The Starbucks kid just shrugs his shoulders as you walk out. What can the kid do to the guy thats doing Heidi Klum? Nothing thats what. You see its not just the sex with that insanely hot creature above, you also get the residual joy of being able to shove it in everyone’s face. Whether or not that is as good or better than the sex itself, only Seal knows, but I do know that both will leave you with a Dead 90

On a more personal note, I must say that if you are a Heidi Klum fan, and you aren’t watching Project Runway, you are missing out. I think Heidi has never looked hotter than she does in this season and in the promos. Which is saying a lot considering she was never exactly un-hot. As always more pictures (3) after the jump.

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