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August 24th, 2006 | by Mike |

Some recent comments from bloggers on our Mobile Blog Viewer:
Craig Burton:

I received a comment about my efforts to create a mobile feed from my web site. Here is the comment.
Try this: Makes a mobile version of any site with a RSS feed, just plug in the URL. No logins or anything.
Wierd url but it seems to work. What can I say?

Doc Searls has the same quote on his blog today as well.

We also received a comment from Make Magazine’s Phil Torrone on his flickr post:

… – neat, thanks!

Phil Torrone thinks its neat. Seriously, thats awesome.

Its great to see such a simple thing with minimal options do as well as it is. I mentioned to Craig on his blog that if the level of traffic keeps this high, I might be moved to giving it its own “proper” domain name. We’ll see if the traffic stays this high, but either way, its cool to see people using it and giving good feedback.

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