Quinn Is Back, Now With ‘Snarkiness’

August 28th, 2006 | by Mike |

Quinn is truly the Minesweeper counterpart on the Mac. That one addictive game that while using that OS I have to make myself not play it in between tasks. (For the uninitiated, Quinn is a beautifully designed port of tetris to OS X.) The difference being that Microsoft installs Minesweeper by default on all Windows machines, and Quinn is was is distributed by a third party developer, Simon Haertel. Last month, Quinn was ruthlessly shot down in its prime by the god dammed Russians, I mean the Tetris Company because it infringed on its copyrights. Well, its back and here is the wonderfully bitchy description that the site now carries. Emphasis mine.

Quinn is an implementation of a popular falling-blocks game, which, according to the Tetris Company, must not be named here. Written specifically for Mac OS X, it features a neat user interface, perfectly integrated with Aqua, and a smooth look and feel for best user enjoyment. The goal was not to reinvent falling-blocks games with yet another modification of the rules, but to preserve the simplicity of the original idea. Still there’s everything you might expect—including a two-player mode, network play with Bonjour support, an onine server list, and five different multiplayer rules.

Nice work Simon. Stay strong brother!

If you are running OS X, and you don’t have Quinn, go get it.

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  2. By kim on Aug 29, 2006 | Reply

    Sweet! Downloaded!

  3. By kim on Aug 29, 2006 | Reply

    Sweet! Downloaded!

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