Kevin Federline Made Me Loose Control

September 1st, 2006 | by Mike |

Ok, I know I missed putting this week’s Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo post up but let me tell you why. I couldn’t stop dancing. I’m serious. Today at work I found Kevin Federline’s new music video, and against my better judgment, I watched it. What can I say? I “lost control” I just had to dance, and I danced on the way home, I danced when I got home. If it wasn’t for me passing out I would still be dancing now. Granted, I passed out 10 miles from my apartment and I had to what I had to do to get a ride home. Is there a limit to how many times you can wash your hands in one night? Anyway, I just got back home and I figured I would post the video, but I dare not watch it again. If you are brave enough to watch this video and look a full day of dancing in the face then I hope you keep control better than I did. But just in case, I would put bus fare in your pocket first…or at least some gloves.

This week’s Gratuitous pics will be up tomorrow, I promise.

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