Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #31

September 23rd, 2006 | by Mike |

You know what I’ve found is the #1 difference from working basically by yourself in a small laid-back company on a Friday versus working in a group in a slightly larger more formal company on a Friday? You can’t steal 5-10 minutes of your day to look through pictures of hot chicks and find three of your favorites nearly as easily. Now I know. I’ll try to take care of this stuff on Thursday night from now on. We at Hell Yeah Bitch! .com formally aplogize for being late with this week’s “Katebeckinsale and Friends” pictorial thus keeping your Friday sadly boner-free. Things have changed, I’ve made adjustments. We should be good from now on.

That said, better late than never right? This week we bring back the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert in three pictures that only have one thing in common: Elisha Cuthbert is in them.

Sorry again for the tardiness. I hope your Saturday boner is as good as your usual Friday boner.

Two more after the jump as usual.

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