This Mike Flynn is the Most Important Mike Flynn in the World

October 3rd, 2006 | by Mike |

…according to Google
…as of yesterday

Yes, last night after Google-ing my name I had found that I, Mike Flynn, was the most important Mike Flynn in the world (according to Google). How did I find this out? Well Hell Yeah Bitch! .com came up as the #1 result on a search for “Mike Flynn“. Its not there now though. The center for the Baltimore Ravens, Mike Flynn, has reclaimed the #1 spot, but it was there last night. I swear! As of this writing, I’m #2, which all obvious jokes asside, I’m still excited about. It wasn’t long ago that even searching for “Hell Yeah Bitch” didn’t even produce a link to us on Google, but a few years ago we finally climbed to #1 on that search. Now a new search’s top spot, one that proves my greatness (as compared to other Mike Flynn’s), is within our grasp. There’s no telling what I can do after taking over as the top Mike Flynn in the world….maybe I can finally start to see some progress on those camps I want to make to “concentrate” the Jewish population in.

Editor’s Note: Its just a joke! What, like the Holocaust can’t be funny all of a sudden?

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