Yadi Does It!

October 19th, 2006 | by Mike |

I guess I won’t be shaving the playoff beard tonight! Yadier “I batted just above the mendoza line all season” Molina hits a homerun in the top of the ninth to pave the way for a knee-buckling curve ball strikeout thrown by his battery-mate Adam Wainwright (and a fellow Brother of the Beard) to one Carlos Beltran for a trip to the World Series. This is the second trip to the World Series in the last three years for St. Louis and their 17th National League pennant all time.

A commenter on Dave Winer’s blog, a Mets fan, said this game wasn’t good. I replied and I’ll just quote my previous comment to save time:

…I think this was one of the better games in the playoffs. It was tight all game, two good starting pitching jobs (I still can’t believe thats the same Oliver Perez), and amazing catch, a clutch homerun, and a bases loaded bottom of the ninth 2 out strike out Is there another great baseball moment that didn’t happen in this game? It was a fantastic game, regardless of the outcome or who you were rooting for. Great season for the Mets and a surprising continuation for the Cardinals.

It was a great series by the Mets, and they had a great season and a great game 7, but something got into these Cardinals. I don’t know if it was being called an “underdog” for the first time in years, but these Cardinals came together in all sorts of ways including Yadi finding his bat, Rolen actually getting a key hit or two, and Jeff Weaver and his Great Dane hoped in their van and solved “The Mystery of the Left-Handed Hitters”. Zoinks! Have yourselves a Scooby Snack or two Cardinals, you’ve earned it…but keep going, this post-season that no one saw coming isn’t over yet. Detroit will be really tough, but the Cards have been picked to lose the last two series too so who knows.

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