St. Louis Named Most Dangerous City

October 30th, 2006 | by Mike |

Apparently, I’m a bad-ass. Its true. How could anyone not bad-ass live everyday in the most dangerous city in the nation? Well, I guess there has to be some group of non-bad asses in the city for the bad asses to kill or beat up. If we were all bad asses, then it would just be the fightin’-est city and not the most dangerous. That being said, I think its pretty safe to say I’m clearly in the bad ass part of the population. …As if you guys all didn’t know that already.

I guess I should also throw some congratulations at Brick, New Jersey for being the safest, or as I like to call “Pussyville USA”

Yahoo! News: St. Louis named most dangerous U.S. city

Update (10/31/06 1:33pm): A local radio station created this funny promo and is now basting it all over our local airwaves.

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