Now You Can Read Hell Yeah Bitch! Posts Till You Puke

November 2nd, 2006 | by Mike |

I just wanted to highlight a little change / addition I made to the site today. After more than a few requests for this, I have added Previous and Next page links at the bottom of the article stream on the front page. What does that mean exactly? Well if you are little behind, or you are new, or you recently experienced a Dissociative Fuge you can now read the first 10 articles on the site, like you always could, but now you can hit the “Previous page” link and read the 10 articles that came before and so on. Cool huh? Well not really, because tons of crappier sites than ours have been doing this for some time. We’re all evened up now…the world is at peace.

The one thing this means though is now I didn’t feel that the site needed the “What you just missed” anymore. If for some reason any of you liked and miss that section, let me know, but I highly doubt that will happen. Do let me know if you have any other suggestions or bugs or requests for site navigation.

Feel free to scan all the crappy sites you know and let me know what cool things they are doing that we aren’t.

As you were.

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