Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #37

November 3rd, 2006 | by Mike |

Can this still count as a Halloween Edition? The Simpson’s Halloween episode doesn’t air until Sunday, so I think today is still kosher to post a Halloween version of Kate Beckinsale and Friends Friday. Even if it wasn’t kosher to call this a Halloween edition, these are still the pictures I would post because even though this week’s subject is technically in a costume, its not all that far off the mark of stuff she usually wears. Look, I’m not complaining. I love that Lindsay Lohan is a chick that backs up the universal girl claim that they all want to look sexy. Most of them are liars. They all say they want to look sexy, but when you actually see them out, they are wearing some tshirt and baggy jeans carrying some excuse that they didn’t have time or are feeling bloated. Those excuses are crap, and Lindsay Lohan is the proof. Sure, she’s been known to take it too far and look a bit whore-esque, but speaking for all guys, we appreciate taking it too far over not taking it far enough.

One more thing about Lindsay’s “costume”. Its hot. I like that and love to see the effort, but please don’t dilute yourself to the point that you think that is an actual Halloween costume. Its not. Going as a monkey or a plastic soldier are Halloween costumes. Dressing up like you are planning on doing me at my hotel and then stealing my wallet when I’m not looking is not a Halloween costume. I don’t have a problem with dressing up like that. In fact, I wish it were mandatory for girls under a certain weight to dress like that for Halloween (and the third Tuesday of every month) but seriously, don’t call it a “costume”. Its not.

Don’t let it get to you Lindsay. We at Hell Yeah Bitch! .com love your effort, your non-Skeletor resembling body (I like to call is “Classic Lohan”) and your awesome outfit in these pictures.

Two more pics if you promise to click on the next link.

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