The Keg Stand: Redux

November 13th, 2006 | by Mike |

The keg stand has long been apart of the nation’s drunken consciousness, and then shortly after, our nation’s pounding hangover. For those that aren’t aware, because you are either too young, or too lame, a keg stand is:

The act of doing a handstand on a keg while guzzling down a mass amount of said keg’s contents through its hose-like dispenser. There is a common myth that by being positioned upside-down during the consumption of beer, the alcohol will reach the brain more quickly (this is anatomically possible given that the beer must reach the stomach first). The person performing such an act is typically physically supported by many intoxicated friends.

via Urban Dictionary

This however is a new and wonderful type of keg stand. I like to call it, the “Sexy But No Beer Involved Keg Stand”


via College Humor: How to improve on a keg stand.

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