Mike Reviews the Hell Out of Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

November 19th, 2006 | by Mike |

Yes, thats right. Hell Yeah Bitch! .com got a exclusive early sneak peak at the new Tenacious D movie The Pick of Destiny and, yes, we plan to give you a review.

Lets start by prefacing this with the statement that I am a huge Tenacious D fan. I watched their short lived HBO episodes countless times while in college, I listened to their album along with any and all bootlegs cuts from the show and concerts I could get a hold of. That being said, I don’t want to sound too mushy or for you to get the idea that I would love it if The D’s movie turned out to be nothing more that the film equivalent of Kyle Gass dropping a Cleveland Steamer on my chest. I really did go into this movie with quite a bit of trepidation. I wanted it to be good so bad and I didn’t want them to lose touch with the humble and hilarious HBO show roots that I actually came into the theater with more than a little chip on my shoulder ready to be pissed. The final result though? I loved it. If you don’t mind hearing details, vague storyline tidbits and a list of memorable cameos please continue reading. I’ll be good, I won’t spoil the movie.

The story is simple, you follow Jack Black escaping from his Kickapoo, Missouri home and eventually getting to Hollywood. Upon arriving, he meets his new mentor in the ways of rock, Kyle Gass. Soon the guys officially form to become Tenacious D and embark on a journey to win open mic night and receive enough prize money to pay their rent. However, during their search for that something special, they end up embarking on an separate, side journey to steal the Pick of Destiny and use its magical powers to help them win the prize money and pay this month’s rent.

All in all, it was gross, it was vulgar, it was fantastic. Sure there were cameos by Meatloaf, Dio, Ben Stiller and Dave Grohl to name a few, but the beauty of the movie was the extra bit of Rocketsauce for the viewers of the HBO show. You get to see the love story and creation of Tenacious D, how superfan Lee meets the band, and we even get to visit the old Open Mic Club with the owner still played by Paul F. Tompkins.

I loved this movie, and whether you have been a Tenacious D fan for years or if you just heard of them right now and you like fart and dick jokes you need to go see this movie.

Oh and one more thing: Like the true fan that I was, I stayed through the credits to see if there was a little something extra. I was not let down.

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