Leah Culver is a Blonde Genius

November 22nd, 2006 | by Mike |

Lean Culver of the surprisingly named leahculver.com, came up with a cream dream supreme of an idea. She had those zany, heavily laden with venture capitalist cash Web 2.0 companies sponsor her bid for a new laptop. At $150 a square inch, she sold roughly 40 ads and got her new laptop for free. After it was all said and done…and engraved…it looked like this.

My first thought: How can I get a sweet piece of this action? Could I make a St. Louis version? Would people actually by into this? Do you have to be a cute blond to get this idea off the ground?

Will these questions be answered? Be sure to keep checking Hell Yeah Bitch! .com for the thrilling conclusion where we find out the answers to those questions, in order, are: “Do your own.”, “Yes.”, “Probably not.”, and “It wouldn’t hurt.”

So who wants to by an add?

Here’s the video of the process.
Here’s more general info on engraving a laptop.

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