Hell Yeah Bitch! .com Gets a Video Section

November 29th, 2006 | by Mike |

“Holy crap the right side of the page looks different!”

My anonymous, but quotable friend is right. Today we half-launched a few additions to Hell Yeah Bitch! .com:

For one, we have added a new advertising partner, Busted Tees. The fact that their ads have pretty girls on them didn’t hurt, but they also have some funny tshirts that will look great bunched up on the floor of your bedroom…when you take it off for the night and lay naked in your bed weeping for hours.

For two, we now have a video section! There is still work to be done on it, but I got tired of looking at it by myself, so I unleashed on the world. Whats in there? Basically handpicked stuff worth keeping around with the videos we created. Starting right now, you can leave comments on any of the videos we have up there just like all of the posts. Hopefully I will get a chance to add a bit more to it soon, but for right now, watching a talking about it is all you get. As always, I’m more than open for feature and bug requests. The front page also now shows the 5 most recently viewed videos so you can always keep abreast of what others are watching.

The links to other sites and the RSS feed links have been moved to what I now call “Down Below”. I will be adding more down there…once I think of something else to add down there, so keep checking it out and visiting our friends. They don’t call enough to say hello, but they are still good people. Also don’t be afraid of going down on us, we keep it pretty clean down there.

This next one might be addition by subtraction, but I decided to kill the gravatar pictures, at least on the front page, until we can either find something different or gravatar decided to get faster servers. The load times on the front page have been horrible lately, and gravatar is the only reason. Screw them.

Things to come? The search needs to be reworked. The photo page will be introduced, which will be very much like the video page, and will show all flickr pictures tagged with “hellyeahbitch” so anyone can post to the page quickly and easily. I’m also working on something for the front page, below the Google ads, where we can better highlight older articles. Blogs aren’t great for showing off old things and thats too bad because we actually have some decent articles laying around that anyone new to the site would be missing. Oh and when the additions are done, I’ll try to focus more and really write as much as I can here.

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