This Is Article #1,000

December 3rd, 2006 | by Mike |

Who the hell would have thought Hell Yeah Bitch! .com would have banged out 1,000 posts? Sure we (in the royal sense) don’t average four posts a day like some “good” websites, but we kept pounding away and like a super-drunk college guy doing some chick after way too much whiskey, we got the job done and finished. Sure you may not have had much fun, and now you are kinda sore, plus we had to stop and vomit half way through…but we did it. 1,000 posts.

So the question is what do you do to celebrate post 1,000? Immediately, my mind went to one place: Lets invite Rudy Huxtable over! We all know she can party. Sadly she wasn’t available. So the next best thing is to answer a bunch of self-imposed questions.

In the first 1,000 posts on Hell Yeah Bitch! .com the following took place:
Days: 1385 (or 3 years, 9 months and 16 days)
Different Web Hosts: 3
Comments: 678
My Favorite Post:Are You a Good Person? Candace Cameron Will Give You the Answer
Seattle Times Mentions: 1
Seattle Times Mentions That Ended Up Not Really Being A Mention At All and Really Pissed You Off: 1
Web Terms Coined: 1
Been Called a Douche Bag: Only twice I think. (1 and 2)
Been Dugg: Twice
Been BoingBoing’ed: Once
Been Gadgetopia’ed: Once
Mobile Blog Readers Created: 1
Distinct Site Design Changes: 5
Number of Confusingly Titled Articles That Have Pictures of Hot Chicks: 41
Odd Post About Someone Beating Up Small Children in Detail: Just this one.

Not too shabby huh? I know its not the exciting spectacle you were hoping for but when David Blaine turns down your idea for him to live in giant fish bowl filled with lime Jello and perched atop my apartment building until he finishes reading every word written for Hell Yeah Bitch! .com over the past 1,000 posts, there’s not much you can scrape together for a Plan B at the last second. Screw you Blaine!

Thanks though for reading. I’ll try to do better with the next 1,000.

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