Tony LaRussa Is A Rabbit

December 6th, 2006 | by Mike |

When you finally win a World Series in a city starving for one after a mere 11 years of being the manager you tend to loosen up. For instance, I heard a story that Tony was signing autographs while stopping in a Starbucks in downtown St. Louis. I thought that was pretty cool considering his usual frosty or aloof behavior, but this…this is a whole different level of loosening up.

I seriously doubt that Tony would have agreed to be the rabbit in the play “The Mad Hatter” after the humiliation that was the 2004 World Series. What I do know is that these pictures will make themselves to the wall of the Cardinals clubhouse for at least the duration of spring training.

via Deadspin

One more picture of Tony LaRussa hop, hop, hopping through the off-season after the jump!


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