Hollywood Doesn’t Understand Code

December 8th, 2006 | by Mike |

This was mentioned on BoingBoing today, but its too good not to pass along for the geeks that read this. Drivl.com has a great post featured on its front page today entitled “What code DOESN’T do in real life (that it does in the movies)

5. Code does not make blip noises as it appears on the screen
This goes for ANY text, not just code. When text appears on my monitor it doesn’t make blip sounds – this isn’t 1902 (or whenever monitors used to do that).
This is one of the most common offenses in Hollywood films, almost every movie that has a scene where a character is composing an email or surfing the net has the text make blippity-blip sounds as it appears. Do they have any idea how fucking irritating that would be in real life? This article alone would be like thirty thousand blippity-blips.

I’ll actually take the quote above a step further: Searches don’t make noise either! Every damn time someone searches for fingerprints in the database it makes this stupid whirring sound. Can you imagine if every Google search made that damn sound? Yeah, it sounds official, maybe it sounds like you are getting more done…but sweet tap-dancing christ that would get old.

Maybe I should make our new search have a whirring noise when running. Would that make it sound like its better?

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