Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #46: Carmen Electra

January 5th, 2007 | by Mike |

It kills me when I get an invitation to a party, whether it be via email, or on a card or on someone’s PDA when I look over their shoulder while riding public transportation (…boy is that awkward when I show up at that party!) people always put the start time followed by the dash and then “???”. People need to stop that. Its lame. Yes, I know when one uses question marks for the end time everyone knows it “..could totally go on forever man!” And that sounds great Cheech, but the problem is it never does last much longer than the usual party. The fact of the matter is when you go to these parties they usually start out by telling you, “Yeah the beer’s over there…and I only rented the room until 10:00pm.” Nothing gets more rockstar than that. Why don’t you just put 10:00 down and stop trying to feed your fantasy that your party is going to end up with a drunken Japanese guy doing karaoke in the back while everyone takes turns doing body shots off of a naked Calvin Klein model. That normally never happens, and when it does you wake up the next morning with a huge hangover and the scary realization that the Calvin Klein model was a dude. (Trust me.) My accidental sexual experiments aside, putting question marks for your end time makes you a douche bag. Stop it right now. I’ve actually heard that being a douche bag is like smoking, if you stop, and I mean really stop, after 10 years of clean douchey behavior-free living its like you were never a douche at all…unless someone got a picture from your earlier douchey existence, then you might live forever as a douche bag online.

Note: This goes for you too, people that do it ironically so other people will think they are funny, because humor like that doesn’t translate through type. People don’t get it that you are being ironic, they just think you are like every other douche that puts question marks to make themselves look cool.

Now for something completely unrelated, here’s the always attractive Carmen Electra, looking attractive. Feel free to follow my lead and look at her from 6:00 – ???

Two more after the jump. Thats just how we roll.

Pictures via Popoholic

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