Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #47: Lacy Chambert

January 12th, 2007 | by Mike |

I’ll start off with a confession: We don’t have any high-res images of the lucky lady we selected this week. I’m sorry if you usually spend your Friday night zooming in cleavage to 600% on Photoshop. The reason is I had a specific subject in mind for this week, and these were the best images I could find. The woman with a distinct lack of high-res images on the web is one Lacy Chambert.

Did you ever know that girl in high school or college (or work for that matter) that you think is pretty hot, but you notice that no one else seems to pay her much attention or agree with you? I’m not talking about that fat chick we all know that “If she just lost a few pounds she wouldn’t be bad!”, I’m talking about a cute broad that when you ask your friends about her they say “Yeah, she’s cute…but you know…” The irony is that you don’t know. But you can guess. You can guess your friends aren’t down for probably one of the following reasons:
1. They are into someone else / they don’t like her type.
2. The rumors say she is carrying around a big bag of VD in her fanny pack.
3. Your friend is secretly into dudes.

I kinda get the vibe that Lacy Chambert is the celebrity version of this girl. I think she’s pretty damn hot, but I never really hear much about her from the press or from my fellow members of The Penis Carrying Union #1. Whats the deal? I’m going to rule out that the general woman loving population of the world doesn’t like Chambert’s “type” and they also probably aren’t secretly into dudes, but #2 worries me. Am I not in the loop? Did Lacy bang some skanky dude that I didn’t hear about but everyone else did? Was is Lumbergh? Did she get the AIDS in an effort to get thin? Why the lack of play for Lacy?

Here she is, with 2 more after the jump. You decide on your own and then you and the cool kids can talk about it over lunch and let me know if you feel like sharing those rumors about Lacy that must be going around.

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