Those People Aren’t From St. Louis.

January 15th, 2007 | by Mike |

By now, all the national news networks have successfully beat the story of the two kidnapped boys found together in one Michael Devlin’s apartment. Its an amazing story, no doubt, and there is some interesting technology / gaming links being explored on BoingBoing, but thats not what I want to talk about today. Today I’m here to set the record straight on where all of those very nice and noble, but totally redneck people the networks keep interviewing in relation to this story.

They aren’t from St. Louis.

On the local news they have been correctly described as being from their small town from outside St. Louis, but on the national news, I keep noticing a redneck interview with “St. Louis resident and neighbor to…blah blah blah.” That description is simply not going to cut it. The large man that for some reason where camouflage to work is not from St. Louis, he is from a small town roughly an hour from St. Louis. For the record, I am from St. Louis, and I am not currently and do not own or regularly wear any camouflage clothing.

This public service announcement is now complete. We ask that you simply keep the above fact in mind as you watch the countless news reports with their mistaken locations for the people interviewed as well as the widely assumed forthcoming Lifetime Movie.

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