Dammit Wikipedia, Stop Being Little Bitches

January 22nd, 2007 | by Mike |

A little over a year ago they were bitching that someone edited the page that described them on the encyclopedia that is famous for letting anyone edit any page and now the whiners that run Wikipedia are now using the “nofollow” attribute on any and all outgoing links to rob any contributing sites of getting any Google-Love from being linked to on the world’s largest encyclopedia. As Jason Kottke puts it:

Links are currency on the web and Wikipedia just stopped paying it forward, so to speak.

Is it possible to be so idealistic and have such an inflated level of self-appreciation that one can regress into a state mild retardation? Apparently. If you disagree, how can an online encyclopedia that was formed with just great ideals get to the point where it gets angry when someone uses their site as it was created and edits their own page (even though they were guilty of “the infraction” themselves) and no more than a year later uses their now great internet mass to block the flow information to the very sites where their information mass was culled from to begin with? Yes, of course the links are still there, and they are technically still sourcing the pages as they should, but thats the “old media” way of sourcing information. The fact is no one looks at footnotes anymore. If they are looking at an article on Wikipedia about jackalopes and they want to know more about jackalopes they type jackalopes into Google and find more that way. But now that Wikipedia has decided to treat source links to clearly reputable websites as mere spam, those sites will lose Page Rank and their articles, the ones with the original information, have a lesser chance of showing up.

If the guys that run Wikipedia are so in love with their site, maybe they should take the time to really read this one of their pages closer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption

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