Hell Yeah Bitch! .com Gets Indirect Advice From Kottke.org

January 29th, 2007 | by Mike |

Kottke.org changed their (his) “remaindered links” section today and the reasons why were compelling enough that I kind of changed our link posts to match. The #1 reason he was having trouble with his “link posts” is that, like ours, they were in a separate archive, and had a separate RSS feed. This proved to be a problem because nearly no one was subscribing to the links feed, they were just on the main feed. Those people were losing out on a lot of the content being pushed to Kottke.org. Though I realize we don’t have near the traffic on our RSS feeds that Jason Kottke gets, but still, that is an issue I don’t want to deal with. Solution: I made the two blogs we had (the main content and the link blogs) hump. They still look the same, but they are both encased in the same blog now so everything is in the same archives and the same RSS feed.

Hopefully everyone will find this to be a better solution.

Source: Kottke: Some RSS and remaindered links changes

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