GoogleTV and Proof That YouTube Users Aren’t That Smart

January 31st, 2007 | by Mike |

Some guy made a “fake” web tv show episode called Infinite Solutions. Within the program, he proceeded, through the use of screencasts, to show the viewer how to get an exclusive beta invite to a new Google service, “GoogleTV”, via an easter egg in GMail’s interface. Clearly, this is a hoax. Google can’t squat without every blogger in the world waiting around staring at them, holding toilet paper, so thinking they got an on-demand TV service out the door quietly is a complete joke. That being said, TONS of retard youtubers have been following the steps that included the perfectly evil final step of logging out and back into GMail “until it works”. It only gets better when you read some of the comments on the video.

Heidenreich12 – this is simply a waste of time…i tried it 70 times with no luck

angelg0ld – I’m starting to lose faith. This takes a huge time committment but there are a few ppl that say after many tries they got it. I want it!!!! I’m using tasker and am over 160. I’ll let you all know if I get it~

I love the dude that made this. I don’t want to be forward…but he could have me if he wanted me…

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