Britney Takes a Little Off the Top

February 17th, 2007 | by Mike |

Someone feel like explaining this to me?

It appears to be official, Britney Spears has gone “shave your head crazy”. To this I say finally and good for you Britney! Walk into a random tattoo parlor and get 2 new tats right after shaving your own head? Thats the way I plan to do it some day! Of course, I plan on being naked and holding a shotgun at the time. Plus, while the tattooing is being done on me, for free and by gun point, I’ll be rubbing my own feces on my chest. Everyone has their own style I guess…

I’ll be frank in saying I don’t exactly understand Britney’s reasons though. Her explanation for the new hair cut was “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everybody touching me.” Sure that would have made sense for classic Britney, but new Britney? No one has wanted to touch her in quite a while now, though I will admit, if there are any “I still want to touch Britney” stragglers, this ought to stop them as well.

Of course we could all just be suckers. There could be legit and valid reasons for the new do:
1. She’s appearing in GI Jane 2: I’m Still a Chick
2. She got head lice from Paris.
3. She plans on going home and ripping up pictures of the Pope.
4. She’s entering that new militant wing of kabbalah.
5. She just went bat-shit wacko.

I just noticed that #5 is less legit but very much more likely.

You know Perez will keep us all updated on all Britney news up until the moment when we get grainy security camera footage of her robbing a bank and holding an AK-47. Perez Hilton is to Britney Spears drama as CNN is to little white children getting abducted.

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