Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #56: Adriana Lima

March 16th, 2007 | by Mike |

This week we have Adriana Lima. She is in her underwear. She probably likes it though because she isn’t a fatty. In my studies, I’ve found that fatties tend to like wear bigger clothes that provide more coverage. They also usually tend to gravitate (Get it? Because they are fat and have gravitational pull! Zing!) toward nature print style clothes to allow the fatty to blend in and not be noticed. Of course that camouflages method never works, which is why there is a lot of overlap between Fatties and Retards.

This is not to say that Fatties are something to stay away from. There are some out there that suffer from a lesser degree of being fat. These types are perfect for drunken dudes that just can’t go home and hump their pillow any more. They are also nice because, unlike good-looking broads like Adriana Lima, the Fatty knows it can do no better so will forgive all but the worst of relationship faux pas. The Adriana Lima’s of the world will drop you in a heartbeat for any little issue that may arise because they know they can have anyone they want.

…unless you happen to keep the only vial of the antidote they need to ingest every week to live in a small flask around your neck. Chicks are so stupid, every night they just fall asleep and you can just inject them with anything you want.

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