Hexen Lives On OS X (and so does Heretic, Doom and others!)

March 18th, 2007 | by Mike |

Who says Macs and OS X don’t play games? Sure they don’t play some of the new ones, but I have news for you: Those new games are just rehashes of the classics. By “classics” I mean of course: Doom, Doom 2, Hexen, Heretic, and Duke Nukem. Why screw with the new when you can rock out all night playing the originals on your OS X machine.

Yup, Nukem and the boys from ID Software are all playable on your mac. How? What’s the cost? Does it suck? All these questions will be answered below on a per-game basis:

1. Duke Nukem

What you need:
You need the Duke Nukem OS X install software (get it here). If you want to play more than just the shareware map, you need the retail edition of the Duke Nukem Atomic Edition. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve had a hell of a time finding a usable ISO anywhere on the net, and if you buy it from somewhere expect to spend $20.

Free for the shareware level, $20 bones if you want the levels and you don’t already have a disk.

How is it?:
The shareware plays nicely for the most part. There were a few hangs, but very minimal. What can I say? Its classic Duke with lame sayings and pictures of girls dancing that I’ve found are less likely to give me a chubby all these years later.

2. ID Games: Doom, Doom 2, Hexen, Heretic…

What you need:
The awesomely named Doomsday Engine. Frankly, I don’t give a shit if this software is just a crappy alarm clock and has a dock icon of an erect penis, I’m downloading anything named “Doomday Engine”. You will also need the WAD file from any of the ID games you want to play. You may still have these in a dust covered floppy box and if not, a quick torrent search will give you a rar filled with all of them…or so I’ve heard.

Nothing really. Just the time and bandwidth you are usually using to download and view porn.

How is it?:
Is “so bitchin’ I creamed myself” too strong? Maybe a little. I had a few jitters and one game of Doom found it freezing for a split second every minute or so, but I haven’t noticed it since. Other than that, the sound, graphics and everything play as smoothly as on a Pentium 100 with 24 Mb of RAM.

Quake and others?

I’ve heard things here and there that Quake(s) can be on OS X as well, but I haven’t been able to track down any installers or front-ends as of this posting, but please leave a comment or get a hold of me if you have the goods on getting Quake or any other classic game going on OS X.

So there you have it, classic shotem-up games rockin on OS X! In fact, I played them most of the weekend and the only side effects I felt were an increased sense of awesomeness and a strong urge to kill a monster that throws fireballs with a shotgun.

…luckily for her, I have no idea where Rosie O’Donnell lives.

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