Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #57: Rose McGowan

March 23rd, 2007 | by Mike |

Damn Rose McGowan is hot. Yeah yeah, I know what you are saying: “Dude, Marilyn Manson hit that.” So what? You telling me if she was coming on strong you would push her away because a dude that wears makeup on stage and a fake pair of tits hit it? You and I both know you wouldn’t. Guys always talk a big game about their sexual morals when its just the guys but we all know that if no one was looking we would hump just about anything that weighed less than 300 lbs and didn’t remind us of our mother. For instance I banged the hell out of Rose McGowan all night not long ago and I didn’t think about Marilyn Manson once.

…Now just replace “banged the hell out of” with “fell asleep holding a picture of”, and “once” with “seven”.

One picture here, Two more after the jump!
Sexy Update: I added another picture after the jump. Lets just say nipples are involved…

Bonus Picture I Added Because She Looks Hot:

Nipples! Fuck Yeah!

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