Hell Yeah Bitch! .com Experiments With Twitter

March 26th, 2007 | by Mike |

Twitter is the new fad among the Web Geeks and the best way to sum it up is that Twitter is micro-blogging. By that I mean, its lots and lots of little tiny pointless posts. Apparently the idea is the use this micro-posts to tell people what you are doing right at this very moment, like drinking coffee, giving it hard to a barely legal Vietnamese prostitute, or beating that last bit of life out of a baby seal. That of course turns out be just a little more hopelessly boring than it sounds which makes most Twitter streams about as boring as…well…their owner’s blogs about their cat. Naturally, I’ve been shunning Twitter all this time because of that.

So why the change? Well if you recall, or even if you don’t, which doesn’t matter because you can’t change the past, back in the olden times of Hell Yeah Bitch! .com I had a quote that I would change at the top of the page to be something different when I felt like it. It was somewhat fun, but I had to go in a change it by hand and I turned out to be lazy enough that I wouldn’t even write code to make it easier in the long run to change it, so after the redesign that followed, the quote was killed…or “end quoted.” After looking in to Twitter a little more today, I realized that this could be the Quote 2.0 (Forgive me for using 2.0, I’m a bastard.). So for now we (royally, of course) are using the stock javascript to put the latest Twitter at the top of the page. Rest assured though, you will not be seeing things like “I’m eating a sandwich” or “I’m putting on my diaper in preparation for my dominatrix to arrive” sprawling across the top of the screen. No, I’ll be instead using it for little oddities that pop into my head. It they aren’t funny let me know, if Twitter is slowing the site down, let me know, or if you think this is cool and you want in on the action, lets talk and we can find a way for all the “friends of the site” to be able to put a new quote up there. Of course that last option will mean you will have to actually admit to people that you read this site, so think about the consequences before you add me as a friend.

Right now I just have my Twitter account, but if this goes well, I may just make one for the site itself later on. I’m mikehyb.

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