Apparently Required Blogging: Tim O’Reilly’s Dumb Blogger Rules

April 10th, 2007 | by Mike |

Tim O‚ÄôReilly’s “Rules of Conduct” for bloggers is, like its author, a pretentious piece of crap. Its a joke, and I wouldn’t even use it to wipe my ass (…and thats not just because printer paper is harsh and doesn’t make the best TP, its because it’s a pretentious piece of crap.).

By the way, Tim, I have way more than 2 sources of this, but I just don’t feel like listing them.

[There. I talked about it.]

Super Quick Follow Up: Jeff Jarvis has an excellent take on all of this. He didn’t mention wiping his ass with it explicitly, but his article were my initial thoughts on this exactly. Its a very well thought out article, which is something that would look completely foreign on this site between the Britney Spears jokes.

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