Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #59: Elisha Cuthbert

April 15th, 2007 | by Mike |

How many times do I have to be late with this feature before I have to stop calling it a ‘Friday’ feature?

We’ve had Elisha Cuthbert as a “Kate Beckinsale Friend” a few times now, so when these pictures surfaced, I decided to dig a little deeper in to Mss Cuthbert. That being said…I didn’t want to go to more than one site, so I went to the aptly named Elisha Cuthbert Fan Site. The first thing you notice upon actually visiting this site is their little inane paragraph explaining what they do. Not only is it cut into with an odd ad placement for the gay (but hotter) MySpace, it also has this little nifty closing sentence:

Notice: if you are looking for Elisha Cuthbert nude pic, I have to disappoint you because there is no Elisha Cuthbert nude pic on the net. All Elisha Cuthbert naked pics are fake.

As you read that, you can almost see this geek’s hands quivering with rage as he types this on his keyboard. “My Elisha would never do naked pictures!” Well I have news for you Jack: Not only does she do nudes, she won’t stop sending them to me. Sure at first when you open your mail and you find an 8×10 glossy of Elisha Cuthbert spread eagle its the best day of your life, but 3 months later when you check your box and its filled with her latest “Me and My Cucumber” series it gets a little tiresome.

That story proves three things:
1. I’m awesome and chicks send me naked pictures all the time.
2. Elisha Cuthbert does have the ability to take her clothes off.
3. Naked pictures that are just delivered to you as opposed to the pictures that you have to crouch down someplace dark with your camera to take them just aren’t as exciting. I mean, I tried to look at the ones I got in the mail while cutting my palm with a knife, but it just wasn’t the same. I guess if you want that erection, you have to put in the extra work.

Here are some pictures of Elisha Cuthbert with some clothes on. FYI, don’t try cutting yourself while looking at them…it will just hurt.

Two more after the jump because you have funny looking ears.

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