The Shooting Skit: You Can’t Be Offended By This. I Forbid It.

April 16th, 2007 | by Mike |

So I just saw the newest Saturday Night Live Digital Short from this last weekend. Its called “the Shooting”. The sketch is all about people shooting each other in that stupid, melodramatic way that movie shottings happen these days. Its funny, and it debuted last Saturday night. I can’t say that enough, it debuted last Saturday nightlast Saturday night!

Why the repatition and the annoying use of strong text? I’ll let a comment on Saturday Night Live’s website that was left earlier today illustrate my point:

“The Shooting” on 4/14/07 was totally against all human comprehension. How could anyone on SNL feel that it was comedy. Then having the horrific Virginia Tech shooting happen today, I felt compelled to let you know how upset it made me.
April 16 – 2:32pm PT

What the holy hell is this retarded broad talking about?! Look, usually I’m a “whatever, do your own thing” kinda guy, but this is a special brand of retarded. You can not be offended because a fictional skit was too much like an event in the news when the skit premiered a over a full day in advanced. That is bullshit. Granted, this particular brand of bullshit isn’t new sadly. I remember the folks that wanted the World Trade Center towers to be taken out of films that were made before 9/11. That of course is also bullshit. By that logic if a guy ever tries to destroy California by shooting a missile into the San Andres Fault in the future then we all need to be retro-actively offended by Superman: The Movie. God this bitch is idiotic beyond words…

I hope to whomever it is that you can hope to and stuff happens the way to you want that this kind of crap doesn’t spread to more than a few backwater towns in Arkansas because if NBC apologizes for this, even a little, I’m going to be so angry I’ll probably go crazy with rage and go do crazy with rage things like punching pregnant ladies in the stomach, step on baby animals or go eat at one of those crappy restaurants they put in Wal-Marts.

*I left her name in because she is stupid and deserved to be mocked.

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