Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #60: Kate Beckinsale

April 20th, 2007 | by Mike |

Katie’s back everyone! Why? Because pictures worth posting start appearing on the web when she has a new movie coming out. This one, I think its called “Generic Horror Flick #8,237”, has Kate and Luke Wilson trying to stop people from killing them. Sounds awesome right? Specifically, I think the movie has something to do with snuff films and if thats the case, I give it an extra point. Which brings this movie’s total to…1 point.

The thing about snuff films is that everyone says they are “legend”, but that can’t be the case. The idea had to come from somewhere right? Not only that, but I’ll even stand up and say I’ve seen one. Ok fine, I’ve seen more than one. Catwoman and Speed 2 are my favorites. You just know by watching Catwoman that Halle Berry’s Oscar might as well be filled with chocolate because it doesn’t mean shit by the end of that movie. That scene where she took her career, slit its throat, and then had a dude in a gimp mask hump the slit until her career’s head came off and then the took turns craping in the skull? Crazy and powerfully erotic.

“Generic Horror Flick #8,237” makes two shit movies in a row for my girl Kate (remember Click?), so unless she decides to do the old Hollywood standby and land a roll playing a retarded character with a gimpy leg and an accent, then her next film might be more about snuff films than this one.

She’ll always be hot though:

Two more after the jump because its 4/20 and these brownies someone gave me are TOTALLY FUCKING AMAZING dude!

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