Some Mac Users Are Idiots Too

April 25th, 2007 | by Mike |

A guy writes an opinion piece about how Macs should be more user friendly because he was playing with software that shows the user the Unix underpinnings of OS X, something no one sees otherwise, and in the process he decided to delete the folder /usr because he’s pretty sure he already has one of those. Well guess what? When you delete the folder that Unix uses to store its vital system applications, your computer stops working. You can get it going again with a reinstall of the operating system, as he did, but the real joy of this article is this parting paragraph after he says how his Mac should have never let him do this: (emphasis mine)

Imagine if I was a novice user…yikes! Support calls, yelling, crying, and more. Woohoo! What a party. I still consider myself to be relatively new to the Mac, although I do have familiarity from yore. Nevertheless, this is not the intuitive and simple way Macs should work.

Yeah… Its tough to imagine the guy that decided he didn’t need a second /usr folder on his Mac so “What the hell?! Lets delete this.” as a novice user… Yeah, thank god you are such an advanced user! If you were any less computer skilled you would have just spent your time pounding on the top of your mac with a bone and screeching at the sky. (via Daring Fireball)

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