Way To Go Microsoft; Silverlight Looks Really Cool

May 1st, 2007 | by Mike |

I am Jack’s complete sense of surprise.

You must understand how weird it feels to say this, but as a professional web developer, I’m honestly excited to start using a new Microsoft web product. Seriously.

Silverlight is the new flash competitor that Microsoft is rolling out, and without getting into too many details (because that link to TechCrunch does a pretty good job of getting the details out) I couldn’t be more excited to start using it. Well…screw it. I’ll tell you one reason why I’m excited: You don’t have to learn some funky new language that you will never use anywhere else just to make a video player or something simple for your site (cough coughActionscript!). Don’t get me wrong, you are still going to have to kill me before I ever use .NET or ASP but with Silverlight you can use Python for example, or hell, you can even use javascript. Thats the kind of anti-lock-in feature you don’t usually see from Microsoft, just like their efforts to make sure this works on all browsers and platforms including the mobile ones (there’s another exciting feature!).

Look, I gotta go. Veronica Mars is about to come back on, and I’ll get back to the Britney Spears jokes later, I just wanted to go on record with my actual excitement with a new Microsoft web product.

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