Kevin Rose to Squeeze Out Another Startup

May 10th, 2007 | by Mike |

According to Om Malik:

Business Week poster boy Kevin Rose is rumored to have teamed up with Daniel Burka also of Digg, and first time entrepreneur Leah Culver and has started a new company. Rose and Burka have worked closely on tools like Digg Spy. Burka is one of the main designers of Rose and Burka have worked closely for nearly two years.

Apparently the startup is to have something to do with instant messenging, but frankly who cares. Not only that, it really doesn’t even matter if the product is any good, because no matter what he does, he will have his little TechTV The Broken Revision3 Digg army of preteen script kiddies march right over and praise whatever he does. I’m not saying that Digg is lame or that Revision3 was a bad idea, all I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter. No matter how far advanced the world gets or how many more people get broadband in their home, the internet will always be run by preteen male nerds and the current set of preteen male nerds love Kevin Rose. Some day the man may be president.

What I’m really getting at is: You feel like making me a job offer Kevin? I’m good. I’ll stunt double for you if you want. Think about it.

Full disclosure: I happen to look a bit like Kevin Rose (I’ve been told) and because of this I prefer to spend at least two to three weekends a year banging chicks and stealing startup money from suckers in San Francisco. If you happen to look like Alex Albrecht please get a hold of me since I am currently in the market for a wing man on these trips. Benefits include all the free slightly chubby geek ‘poon you can handle and nothing else.

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