Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #64: Petra Nemcova

May 20th, 2007 | by Mike |

And people always get so down on the 2004 tsunami…look what it did for Petra Nemcova! Before the tsunami, she was just a chick you see in a magazine ad and think “Wow. I would wreck that” and now, post-tsunami, her wikipedia page holds the record for having the most edits to the page while the editor is simultaneously holding their dick. Good for her.

I always think its weird how girls get all crazy when they think about how many dudes have probably choked the chicken thinking about them, and I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m cool with it. I know that every broad I come in to contact with during the day, whether it be the checker in the supermarket or the chick I flick off and call a fat whore in the morning on the way to work because she cut me off, goes home and diddles her snizz thinking about me and I’m 100% for it. Most chicks I know, especially the cuter ones, get all freaked out about it. To those chicks I say this: You can’t have everything princess! You not only don’t want us to grind up against you in the club or waiting in line at the bank, but you also don’t like it when we just go home a grind the bed with a print out of the picture I took of you with my cell phone placed on my pillow? Screw that. Pick the one that creeps you out the most and be pissed about that one, but a guy’s got to live his life.

In other news, there’s this weird kid on my street that keeps coming by on his scooter and hitting the buzzer button to my apartment. I’m pretty sure if I wait in the bushes to the right of the door, he’ll never see it coming. …I just said “in other news”, not “in related news”. Shut up.

Here’s the post-tsunami Petra looking like a perfectly good pillow print out.

2 more after the jump because I had my phone set on vibrate and someone just called when it was sitting on my lap. I’m in a good place now.

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