Gratuitous Kate Beckinsale and Friends Photo #65: Kristen Bell

June 1st, 2007 | by Mike |

There’s a reason that I’ve been so horrible to this poor bastard of a site as of late. I’ve been cheating on it. I know, I’m a fucker. …but wait. Once I tell you, faithful readers, who I’ve been cheating on Hell Yeah Bitch! .com with it will blow your fragile little mind: Another blog…a blog for women. I know what you are thinking, but I toned it down. The first post I wrote for my blog-twikie in the city was a post about the loss of my favorite show, Veronica Mars. Like I said, I toned it down, so there’s no need to post it here, but I just thought I would come clean and confess to you that I have been cheating and I’m trying to find a balance in my life to be able to give it to both of my blog bitches and keep everyone happy. Until then, I do have a related, and ON TIME, Kate Beckinsale Friend for you:

Kristen Bell! Pretty damn hot right? I figure its only a matter of time before we start hooking up. She just lost her gig at Veronica Mars…but I still bring home the bacon with my job at 7-11. We are the same age. We both constantly exude intense sexual energy. And of course, I’m assuming, we both love burning things. I called her agent to get her number and to feel her out about a Mike-Kristen hookup and she gave me some runaround crap about her having a “boyfriend” and she doesn’t “respond to threats” Bring it bitch! Once you get that first restraining order out of the way, the rest just roll off your back.

Two more pictures of my future girlfriend after the jump because I think you look sexy as hell driving down the road in your car with the windows up quietly rocking out to the Backstreet Boys techno remixes.

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