Jamie Lynn Spears Probably Got Wheelbarrowed and Then Definitely Got Knocked Up

December 19th, 2007 | by Mike |

So little Jamie Lynn Spears apparently isn’t Christian enough to not have unprotected pre-marital sex with her boyfriend, but is Christian enough to think abortion isn’t a good idea right here?  A 16 year old pseudo famous girl that gets knocked up from her 19 year old boyfriend has to be in the top 3 of the Perfect Times to go to Your Doctor and Ask for a Little “Vagina Vacuum” Action List right?!?!

Moving on…

Yeah yeah…she’s 16, I know…but is this broad hot or not?  Examples:

jamie_lynn_hot.jpgHere, I understand where the 19 year old boyfriend is coming from…

jamie_lynn_fug.jpgHere, I don’t.

Speaking of which, is this dude going to jail now or what?  Let me toss a little sexy highschool girl math your way:

16 < 18 ( aka Legal Age ) < 19

They don’t call it “jail bait” for nothing slick.

Ok!  This wrap up and review:
1. Dumbass should have gotten an abortion.
2. She might be hot…which when she is 16, means she isn’t nearly hot enough.
3. That dude…Captain Skeez, or whatever his name is, should be in jail because they have more proof on this guy than they did on OJ.

In case you were wondering, Britney’s official comment on the matter was “I don’t know why places say endless buffet on their sign if they don’t really mean it! What the hell y’all?! You know?”

[Image Source: Whomever Perez Hilton stole those images from. ]

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