Semi Precious Weapons Rocked My Ass Something Fierce

April 12th, 2008 | by Mike |

Last night I went out to the and PlaybackSTL show at The Pageant featuring a list of independent bands.  I’ll be honest with you and say that the all of the opening bands ranged from shit to generic.  The headliner however was a band I had heard a lot of buzz about as of late but had never really checked out and definitely never seen live.  They were the Semi Precious Weapons, and after that concert, I’m sold.  Absolutely amazing!  The Semi Precious Weapons have all the makings of a legendary band: Crazy-Awesome lead singer?  Check. Shirtless wacky bass guitarist? Check.  Skilled lead guitarist? Check. A drummer that goes wild back there?  Check.  Kate Moss likes them (see photo above) ? Check!!

Lucky for you I snuck my Flip camera in with me so you get to see some of the show:

Semi Precious Weapons @ The Pageant 1/2 from Mike Flynn on Vimeo.

Semi Precious Weapons @ The Pageant 2/2 from Mike Flynn on Vimeo

If you want to hear more from these guys you can get their entire debut album (they just got signed a few weeks ago) you can head to their site: 

…but there’s more!  You should also check out their recent Deep Rock Drive performance for more rocking show goodness, and their…ugg…MySpace page for tour dates.

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