Jennifer Love Hewitt is TV’s Sexiest Woman?

April 30th, 2008 | by Mike |

People dump on “Love” all the time…*cough*, but my little general is always one of the first to come (If I wasn’t a gentleman, I would have spelled that differently to be funny.) to her aide, by standing up tall and saying, look, she’s no Heidi Klum, but I’d dive in there!  That being said, I just had a talk with the little dude, and he doesn’t agree with TV Guide, the “magazine” based on the back 4 pages in your local paper’s Everyday section just before the comics, in saying that Jennifer Love Hewitt is TV’s sexiest woman.  What a joke!  To prove it, I’ll pull out a list of 5 different chicks that are currently on TV that are hotter than Jennifer Love Hewitt:

  1. Kristen Bell “Heroes”  (I throw this one out first, because regular Hell Yeah Bitch! .com readers knew it was coming anyway.)
  2. Evangeline Lilly “Lost”
  3. Julie Gonzalo “Eli Stone” (Ah!  Threw an unknown in there didn’t I?!)
  4. Sophia Bush “One Tree Hill” (The wife loves this show, I love Sophia Bush.)
  5. Heidi Klum “Project Runway”
Done.  Thats just 5, but 5 is a nice round number to take someone’s point, drive its face into the ground and then rape it with a shovel…I miss those summer days out in the country.
(Check out the gallery below for comparison.)


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