What Mike Wants To See in the New iPhone 2.0 Hardware

May 14th, 2008 | by Mike |
  1. 3G.  Enough said.  I normally wouldn’t put this as high as this, but…
  2. I want the ability to use the iPhone as a Bluetooth modem for my MacBook Pro.  I could do this with my old phone on T-Mobile!  In fact, I could do a lot of cool Bluetooth tricks on my old T-Mobile phones that I can’t do with my iPhone.  Like having my screen show the caller id when my phone is on silent.  That was awesome! Where’s that Apple?
  3. Video capture support.  I’ve totally fallen in love with my Flip Camera.  So much so that I don’t want my iPhone to replace it like a lot of others do.  I mainly would love video support for the iPhone so I can do cool stuff like Qik on there and broadcast live over the web at any given time.
  4. Better battery life.  This one is pretty much required for all of the above features.  Maybe “battery life” isn’t the way to say this, since I’m fine with charging my phone every other day or so, but it would need more juice to do all the stuff above.  How about “better battery performance?”
  5. Better camera.  In all honesty, the current 2.0 Megapixel camera in the iPhone is as good as the only other digital camera I have, but I’m always down for an upgrade.  
  6. I guess real GPS…sure, why not.
  7. Louder speakers.  They made the speakers a little louder with a software update, and thats great…its close now…but not enough.
  8. More space.  A more roomy HD is pretty much standard on everything new version of a product that Apple or any company every makes, but if I didn’t list it, this would just be a Top 9 list and what the hell is that?
  9. A back that doesn’t dent.  Yes.  I dropped my iPhone a while back.  It has a dent in the top right corner and a hairline crack at the bottom.  The crack is fine.  The dent bugs the shit out of me.
  10. A non-recessed headphone jack.  Occasionally I would love to use my big headphones on my iPhone.  Yes, I’ve seen the “adapters,” and no, I will never pay $20 for one.

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