Twitter Updates for 2008-11-21

November 21st, 2008 | by Mike |
  • @cabel Wow…the stones on that guy. #
  • Worst part about working late the the ToastedRav offices: The faint sounds of Christmas music from the remains of MOViN. #
  • Ok, the comment submission is a little spiffier both inside and out…time to go home. #
  • Just noticed that Google finally no longer suggests “Toasted TV” when you search for ToastedRav! Yea! #
  • @skyrocks Well, apparently its this: Who knew? #
  • Oooh! Time for a little late night phone updating… #
  • Impressively detailed release notes for 2.2 Apple! Nice work! #
  • Who was the idiot that cut the Fanboys trailer and decided to completely leave out Kristen Bell? #
  • @archphoenix Yeah, I saw her at the end…but still…the fools! Fools I tell you! I’m pretty sure the movie has been recut like 30 times. #
  • For you Half-Life fans, this picture is too awesome for words: #
  • I’m starting to think Google hates me and I will never get the new Search Wiki stuff attached to my account. #
  • To all the St. Louis fans that got ripped on by Richie Incognito’s stupid rant: I present the translation: #
  • @AudH Nope, but I think a movie of the same name will be on Cinemax tonight around 2:30a. #
  • @AudH Oh yeah, it was good. …So is the movie #

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