Twitter Updates for 2008-11-25

November 25th, 2008 | by Mike |
  • Using Monolingual to get rid of any extra OS X files that I don’t need taking up space on the Dell Inspirion Mini. #
  • OS X is crashing A LOT on the Dell mini… #
  • @CraigDanger Yeah, we could try that, or I’m reading that Ubuntu runs pretty well on it and might be fun to try. #
  • I would love nothing more than to kick Nancy Grace in the throat. #
  • Nearly every video review I’ve seen of the Dell Mini the guy has it sitting next to his MacBook Pro. Awesome. #
  • Ah, so thats the problem! OS X on the Dell Mini 9 doesn’t like it when the machine goes to sleep…still bad, but at least thats teh issue. #
  • Of course the Ubuntu LiveUSB maker is only for Windows and Linux! Great..awesome…. #
  • Booting Ubuntu off a memory stick on the Dell Mini #
  • ….and Ubuntu is up and running! Very cool. Wow, and its pretty much instantly found and configured most of the main devices! #
  • Being an OS X / Fedora geek for so long, I’ve never used Ubuntu…first impressions: Awesome! #
  • @AudH Just playing with my new toy you saw earlier. #
  • I just plugged in my 4+ year old bluetooth adapter, and Ubuntu found it right away…I’m really loving this…not enough to beat mac though. #
  • Damn…AND it just found the camera no problem. Dude, Ubuntu is sweet (I know its old news to some of you.) #
  • Damn, spoke too soon, the camera dies when I try to use it on #
  • Installing CS4 on my iMac at work…slowly… #
  • @hollymccaig There’s a joke there…just not sure what it is.. #
  • I need an Ubuntu sticker on my Dell Mini bad now that I have officially switched it over! #
  • @skyrocks That can be arranged! #

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