Twitter Updates for 2008-11-26

November 26th, 2008 | by Mike |
  • I forgot how hot natalie portman is in the beginning of V for Vendetta. #
  • @jdanker Yeah, I had no idea you were so rebellious Jen! #
  • After using the netbook all day I feel like my 15″ macbook pro is a coffee table with a monitor. #
  • Long Shot: Anyone out there have the official Cisco VPN client for linux I could get from you? #
  • I never thought that not one day in to me having a non-server linux machine, I’d be scouring torrent sites for warez for it….stupid cisco. #
  • @STLShirtGuy Actually I could probably get someone from work to log in and get it for me (@craigdanger?) but I was hoping for a quick fix. #
  • Twittering from the Ubuntu machine using Twitux. Nice. #
  • Nice. Got VPN client to work and it turns out that I didn’t even really need the official Cisco linux client (but I got that working too) #

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