Robin’s Attempt to Make a Bit Sexier

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Apple does these “guided tours” of new products where an employee comes to you from the white Apple void to tell you how awesome their latest tampon-shaped iPod is.  The last girl they had was ok, but my wife Robin is way cuter.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015) Here’s her ...

Twitter Chatter: Push Notification vs Background Processes

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

I recently had a good discussion over Twitter with a PC fan about the reasons for Apple's iPhone Push Notification in their upcoming 3.0 release. Here's the conversation via

She’s OK I guess…

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

This is the "Apple Store employee" they picked to give the walkthrough of the new iPod Shuffle? Pssshhh...My wife is way cuter than this chick, lets get her in there to do some demos!

The Simpsons on Apple

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Mapple – The Simpsons by <a href="http://www.dailymotion remboursement du”>aarplane Posted for the wife, who works for one of the local Mapple Apple Stores.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Halloween With The Apple Store Crew

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Last night I hung out with the crew from one of the Apple Stores (hence the Firewire costume) for a little Halloween get-together.  Here are the photos (I was Hugh Hefner, and the ball and chain was a Playboy Bunny.)Logan live streaming movie #gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: ...

Happy 10th Birtday iMac

Friday, August 15th, 2008

The original iMac intro (apparently before His Steveness found that giant box of black mock turtlenecks):

The WordPress iPhone App Works

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

I'm writing this post from my new iPhone 3G, and the transition from my old iPhone (now the ball and chain's new iPhone). I'm using the new Wordpress app and it seems cool. Let's see how the photo features work... Hmm. Well I guess you will have to tell me ...

Apple’s “Moble Me” Logo Reminds Me of Something…

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Look at Apple's new "MobileMe" logo... look at this... Can't wait to use the service, but...gross. Tip of the cap to Dan over IM who had the same thought.

What Mike Wants To See in the New iPhone 2.0 Hardware

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

3G.  Enough said.  I normally wouldn't put this as high as this, but... I want the ability to use the iPhone as a Bluetooth modem for my MacBook Pro.  I could do this with my old phone on T-Mobile!  In fact, I could do a lot of cool Bluetooth tricks on ...

Should I Buy AppleCare or Upgrade My Hard Drive For My MacBook Pro?

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Here's a Mac question I'll throw out in to the internet ether: My MacBook Pro is coming up on its 1 year birthday, should I buy the AppleCare for it, or upgrade the hard drive to a speedier, bigger model (upon doing so will kill my warranty)? Pros / Cons:   I would hate ...